Events & Seminars

Twice a Year, in fall and spring we host educational seminars called Pelvic Health 101.

What is Pelvic Health 101?

Pelvic Health 101 are seminars where you learn about the relationship between pelvic floor muscles, bowel, bladder, sexual and reproductive health. We invite everyone, even children to attend seminars. They are free with reservation. The seminars give you the chance to meet an expert Physical Therapist and any of our guest speakers. We encourage patients to learn as much as they can about their conditions or the condition of someone they care for, from a professional with professional resources.

Pelvic Pain Society

PPS, a non-for profit organization, puts on an annual meeting to educate healthcare professionals on how to diagnose and manage chronic pelvic and abdominal pain, changing the lives of patients worldwide. Bringing hope to men, women, and children who suffer from pelvic pain by significantly raising public awareness and impacting individual lives. Learn more about the International Pelvic Pain Society and their annual meeting for the upcoming year. There are many benefits to becoming a member.

Become A Member

Postural Screening Class


Don’t miss this free opportunity to learn how your alignment, flexibility and workstation set-up can be contributing to your aches and pains. Each attendee will receive a postural screen from a Doctor of Physical Therapy and leave with an individualized program to address their postural needs, including specific stretches and foam roller exercise

When and Where: Every 3 months between our Midtown and Downtown locations. 

Our next screening will take place June 6th, 2018 at our downtown location. It's FREE! Click here to RSVP