Pregnancy / Postpartum Testimonials

I had a severe case of pelvic floor dysfunction with abdominal, hip, and back pain, and I had trouble with everyday activities like sitting, standing, working, driving, and sexual intercourse. I was finally diagnosed and referred for physical therapy. I was on several medications to help me with the pain, but I wanted to get off them to have children.

I traveled once a week into the city which took me over an hour. Because my symptoms were so severe, it took several months to gradually get off the meds. Fortunately, my symptoms were improving with each passing month. I also went for acupuncture, which alleviated the pain and helped me get off some medications. I took five medications in all: Elmiron, Pyridium Plus, Lorazopam, and other bladder or pain blocker meds. Once I was off the medications, I conceived pretty quickly.

I continued my PT treatments once a week up into my third trimester. Along with these treatments, my therapist devised an exercise program for me to do at home. It let me keep my muscles intact through the pregnancy. They definitely helped! After giving birth, my symptoms are 90 percent improved. I am told that it's because the muscles are stretched out, which decreases the muscle spasms.

I have mild flare-ups here and there, but I have not been in for a treatment since the birth of my little gemstone, Alexander. I attribute this to the physical therapy and my home exercise program. And, now I have a second child, Clayton. Without my physical therapist's services I would not have my two sons! I have Beyond Basics to thank.

– Kristina K., 37