Pediatric Pelvic Floor Dysfunction Testimonials

On October 15, 2004, my son Joseph, at the age of nine, came to me with a problem. Joseph was not able to hold any food; it was coming up, and whole food was not breaking down. Joseph was not able to make any stool; it would be in him for weeks before he could go to the bathroom. His stomach would swell up.

I took Joseph right to the hospital where they gave him an enema. When that didn’t work, they told me to follow up with his pediatrician. I went the next day to the pediatrician who recommended a hospital specialist. This specialist did several tests and gave Joseph Miralax to start with until the test results came back. Joseph, who had been out of school for over a year, was taking the Miralax twice a day. When the tests finally came back, the specialist said the issue was Joseph’s anal sphincter, but he said the only thing he could recommend was to go to Boston Children’s Hospital for bowel surgery. The doctor also said he would soon be attending a conference where he would bring up Joseph’s problem; maybe another doctor would have a solution.

I then got a phone call from the doctor saying that Beyond Basics Physical Therapy in New York City might be able to help Joseph with his problem because their experience with biofeedback and pelvic floor dysfunction. I went to New York to meet with Amy to see if she could help. She did. I thank her so much for taking this on because I did not know where to turn next. Amy has helped my son so much; we’ve been coming for over a year, and I am so happy that my son is back in school now and was able to avoid surgery. Amy got him to eat food high in fiber and to be more relaxed so he does not tighten up when he goes to make stool. She also has him doing several exercises that help Joseph; he loves the one with the yoga ball. I am so happy to say that Joseph has been off Miralax for two and half years already thanks to Amy. This has been a wonderful outcome for my son. I would definitely recommend Amy Stein for anyone with a similar problem.

– Fulgencia R., Joseph’s mother (Joseph 9 years old)

Our son Milo had trouble going to the toilet as soon as he was out of diapers. We thought he was a bit slow potty training but at 4, he still had a lot of “accidents”. We saw a gastroenterologist for over a year but the drugs did not work. At the same time, all the exams showed that he had no physiological issues. So we started physical therapy at Beyond Basics as an alternative to drugs. Milo has been going for 4 months now, once a week- he gets massages, stretching exercises, and biofeedback. Physical therapy helped Milo be more aware of his body, to relax, and to stop holding his “stools”. The therapist also helps the parents to do the massages and stretching at home. Milo’s condition has improved steadily, without the side effects of drugs. He is now 5 ½ and has no more accidents at school which is a big relief.

– On behalf of Milo, age 5 ½