Orthopedic Testimonials

Amy, your dream has helped my dream at being pain free come true! Thank you.

– Karen

I am a downtown mother of three with a busy schedule. Because of stress and a hard workout, I experienced severe lower back pain where I was unable to walk for a week. I went to Beyond Basics Physical Therapy for help. After four visits of specialized manual physical therapy (the specialized massage techniques were amazing!) and a tailored home program of exercises, I felt 100% again. I’m back at the gym doing my normal routine of crossfit and yoga and, of course, schlepping three kids all over NYC.

– Shannon, 39

Words can’t begin to express the fantastic results I achieved by working with the team at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy! Diagnosed with bursitis and IT Band syndrome, I could barely walk due to the extreme pain in my leg and knee, and truly thought I would no longer be able to enjoy my active lifestyle. After my first visit, I had a sense of hope and a relief from the pain, along with the comfort that I wouldn’t need surgery to fix my condition. Over a three month period, I visited the offices once a week, while doing daily exercises that were adjusted based on my progression. The added bonus was that the therapists truly cared and listened, even going as far to answering my questions and concerns in-between sessions via email. The combination of in-office treatment, along with the life-long tools and knowledge I developed, provided me with a recovery that I didn’t believe would ever happen. I am truly grateful to the team at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy for putting me back on track and making me even better than before!

– Robyn M., 42

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the help of Beyond Basics Physical Therapy! I felt the difference in my hip and back pain at once, and after only four sessions declared myself 98 percent improved; I would have said 100 percent, but I was afraid it would sound too miraculous. The truth is that I am a gazillion percent better, feel cheerful over my chances for hiking the big mountains again, and promise to do my exercises every day forever.

– Susanna M., 53