Male Pelvic Pain / Post-prostatectomy Testimonials

About seven years ago I was coping with a major physical problem, dysuria or extreme pain when urinating—and for hours thereafter. I had consulted several urologists, and they all had the same diagnosis: chronic prostatitis or bladder infection. The treatment was always the same, too: antibiotics, flomax, and pain medication. I never got relief, and as a matter of fact the problem was getting worse.

I was watching a public access television program one evening and I heard a very bright MD describe the pelvic floor disorders as well as interstitial cystitis. I thought to myself, that’s it, that’s my problem. I promptly made an appointment with Dr. David Kaufman who, after testing me for interstitial cystitis—it was negative—informed me that I had pelvic floor muscle disorder and referred me to Beyond Basics Physical Therapy.

I met with Amy, who made an assessment and started me on a program of stretching and manipulation. Most importantly, she educated me as to pelvic floor issues, their causes, and treatments.

After three months I was 80 percent to 90 percent better, the frequent painful urinations were virtually gone, and I had an awareness of the pelvic floor musculature and could help alleviate my symptoms by stretching and limiting aggravating activities.

Amy Stein and the other physical therapists at Beyond Basics in New York City are the ultimate professionals in this field. They are compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. Having worked through this problem, I understand the feelings of isolation and hopelessness. There is hope and help.

My symptoms began in December of 1998, consisting of severe pain in the groin, penis, testicles, abdomen, back and tailbone area. I had frequency of urination up to 3 times/hour with a constant nagging feeling of needing to urinate again and again, even after I had just gone to the bathroom. Many times, my pain and symptoms were so bad that it disrupted work-related, social and sports activities. The doctors could not find or explain what it was. Finally, my urologist, explained to me that I had pelvic floor dysfunction or pelvic floor muscle spasms, and he directed me to Beyond Basics Physical Therapy. After 2 months of physical therapy and doing my exercises at home, my symptoms got significantly better so that I could function normally at work and with friends. After about 3 months I was back to playing sports and working out at the gym, symptom-free.

– David, 28

I was recommended to Amy by Dr. Norman Sohn for an unrelenting problem of burning in my urethra and a “conflict” between my bladder and bowel, when either was full. These problems were brought about by a seed implant therapy performed to cure my prostate cancer. The cancer was cured, but the issues described continued.

Amy did a thorough debriefing of all the issues and went back into my medical history. At the end of the assessment, she advised me that I had pelvic floor muscle tightness in addition to weakness; she was confident, based on her previous treatment of the issues I described, that she would be successful and indeed after a period of time, the issues were resolved. Physical therapy treatment, as well as my daily home program, consisted of massage techniques, stretching, cardiovascular exercise and relaxation techniques, specifically those for the pelvic floor. Once my symptoms calmed down, we eventually moved on to core strengthening and I went back to my weight training at the gym. During the course of the therapy, I developed other physical problems from my gym exercise program. I injured my right rotator cuff and then my lumbar/sacroiliac. Each injury was successfully treated.

I recommend Amy and her capable staff to anyone who seeks relief for physical symptoms through physical therapy.

– Don F., 75

I have been dealing with pelvic pain for well over five years now. It has been difficult to work through. I have found traditional PT to be ineffective, whereas manual therapy by a specialist in pelvic floor disorder has been very helpful in helping me regain physiological function. Traditional PT even made it worse overall, causing several big flare-ups when it was difficult for me to sit in a chair and sleep. On those days, my symptoms ranked anywhere from 5 to 9 on a scale of ten.

I had constant testicular pain and little to no sensation in the pelvic area except for feelings of bruised tenderness. Intercourse was painful, and it was always difficult to achieve orgasm; ejaculation was painful as well.

It took consulting with more than five doctors just to get a specific answer as to what was wrong. The pudendal nerve was entrapped at the Alcock channel in the pelvis, and the visceral nerves which come down from the thoracic-lumbar region had been flaring up for years. The manual PT has alleviated the pudendal pain to the point where, after four months, I am feeling much better. The visceral pain around the pelvic area and buttocks has also been helped by the manual PT. I am very happy to have regained so much sensation in that area and continue to work with the staff at Beyond Basics.

– Anthony M, 28

One year ago I began having severe urethral pain, urinary frequency, urgency and pain after any sexual activity. It started with prostatitis, but it seemed that the prostatitis never went away. I was urinating up to 2-3 times an hour. Any alcoholic beverage worsened my symptoms ten-fold. I started to see one of the highly skilled and knowledgeable physical therapists at Beyond Basics Physical Therapy and within 2 sessions I was feeling better (about 50%). With consistency of the exercises prescribed and attending the physical therapy sessions, after 10 visits I was 95% better.

– Paul, 58

Prior to visiting Beyond Basics Physical Therapy, I found that I had the urge to urinate frequently. My symptoms initially were not that bad. I noticed the urge to urinate throughout the day was increasing although my fluid intake had not. Over time the urge to go to the bathroom would be as often as every half hour. At that point I began physical therapy at Beyond Basics. As a result of the physical therapy program established, over a three month period my symptoms were eliminated. Through the physical therapy process I learned how to better control the urge and frequency while retraining by bladder. It has improved my quality of life tremendously!

– Richard, 43

Prior to prostate surgery, I had intermittent urinary and bowel symptoms of frequency, urgency, retention and burning. After my surgery it worsened ten-fold so that I couldn't enjoy life, and to make matters worse, I developed erectile dysfunction. Medication did not help any of my symptoms. I suffered for one year until I was finally diagnosed with a specific type of pelvic floor dysfunction, levator ani syndrome, and I was referred to Beyond Basics for physical therapy. After 5 months of continuous physical therapy, I am enjoying my family, my grandchildren, life and I have regained all sexual function.

– Joseph, 67

I am writing to praise Tina Cardenia, who has been treating my husband Paul for pelvic floor dysfunction for a year and a half. Over that period of time, Paul has improved immeasurably and is both physically and emotionally a totally different person than he was when he first came to Beyond Basics for care. Before that time, he had been suffering for more than two years with severe bowel dysfunction and a feeling that there was a tennis ball sitting at the base of his pelvis. He had given up most of his usual activities and was quite despondent, if not clinically depressed. We went to several doctors, none of whom understood the problem nor were able to help.

I spent a lot of time trying to understand his condition. I researched his symptoms and came to the conclusion that he was suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction. I tried to find a doctor in the New York metropolitan area who treated the condition, but all I came up with was gynecologists. We went to an Atlantic Healthcare clinic in Morristown, New Jersey that supposedly treated the problem but his condition did not improve.

I read several books about pelvic floor dysfunction and finally came upon yours. That is how I found out about Beyond Basics.

I cannot begin to tell you what a difference Tina has made in Paul's life. She understood the cause of his problems and had an extensive menu of strategies to help him. In the beginning, Paul came to see Tina twice weekly even though we live in New Jersey and it was hard for us to come to the city so often. As he began to improve, we came only weekly and then every other week. With every visit he improved. Tina offered encouragement mixed with lots of good suggestions and, most important, an effective exercise regimen.

Paul has improved so dramatically that we now come to see Tina only once a month. He no longer has bowel issues and the "tennis ball" has disappeared. He is able to walk further and do many things like shopping and cooking that he had been unable to do for many months. Most important, he has a whole new outlook on life. In fact, he recently stopped taking the antidepressant that he has been taking for the past two years.

Paul continues to do the exercises Tina recommends for him to do at home. She is always coming up with new ideas, and everything she suggests helps.

We cannot say enough good things about Tina. She is intelligent, knowledgeable, creative and empathetic. We know credit also goes to you and the Beyond Basics regimen and training. Thank you to Tina and Beyond Basics for giving Paul his life back.

– Wife, A. Moskowitz